Checking Out the ePortfolios of Others…

I really enjoyed seeing the ePortfolios of other students. I have been struggling with organising my web presence, both for this class, and the site that I am building as a training repository for our faculty at the college where I work. Seeing how others have organised their work has helped a lot. I have a lot of ideas. It’s interesting to see how differently everyone’s eP looks, even though we all have a similar goal.

I have started talking with the instructional leadership at the college where I work, to implement an ePortfolio requirement for our students. I have been using ePortfolios in my Business Computer Applications courses since I’ve been teaching them; the students are learning to use basic business computer applications: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. I have the students research their dream job, and map out a path through academia to get to that dream job. The students create a resume and write a cover letter; research salary expectations; examine the demographics of their dream job; and create a presentation about their dream job and the path they’ll take to get there. The students create an ePortfolio about themselves, with all the information they have created in these applications.

Because each student has a different career goal, different interests, and different experiences they choose what they include and the design. They really take ownership, and their voice is evident throughout the authentic learning process. They all seem to really appreciate these activities, and that, plus the process we’re undergoing through the DLL program has made me see how beneficial the ePortfolio would be for all of our students… and for our faculty as they go through professional development experiences.

Currently a few faculty members at our college use ePortfolios, but right now even our visual arts team has not implemented the use of ePortfolios! I see some serious professional development in our future!

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