On being comfortable with being uncomfortable

I have really enjoyed the videos in the Innovation That Sticks Case Study. I love how the educators in the video represent a variety of ages and backgrounds. I am one of those who was not born a “digital native,” but even though I was not born with the technology, I think I have adapted pretty well. I consider myself a lifelong learner.  I really kind of like change, and honestly have always felt that if my job is not changing and growing… if I am not changing and growing in my job… then maybe it’s time to shake things up.

I like the idea of really embracing the Growth Mindset in academics with our learners, and have been using that (without knowing it until I read Dr Dweck’s book) that I had been doing that with my students for years. I would really like to see more of our educators move to that model, where students have opportunities to learn from mistakes and don’t have to feel penalised by them. By allowing our learners to see that we are constantly learning and growing along with them, we are modeling that learning is and should be a continuous process, helping them to see the relevance in lifelong learning. There should be no place for complacency in the workplace… in schools… in our lives.

The team teaching concept that they addressed in the video seems like it would be a great way to capitalise on strengths. My mind is whirling as I think of how we can accomplish something similar here. I would love to see more interdisciplinary problem based learning activities, and the team teaching approach sounds like the way to get there. I am excited about looking further into that. I also really liked that in the report they discuss Students as Leaders, giving students choices… allowing them to take ownership of their projects… using their voice to effect change… working with authentic learning experiences. The model that they have implemented has students as early as elementary school developing critical thinking and leadership skills, and really taking charge of their education. I really love that.

School of fish, swimming in the same direction

Stiefel, K. (2013). Southern Yellowtail Scad [Photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/pacificklaus/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)

I would love to see more collaboration among the faculty here at this institution, and more opportunities for interdisciplinary problem based projects. I really think we are getting there with the changes we have implemented so far, but the faculty still tend to move like fish in their own schools… rarely venturing out of their comfort zones. Maybe we need to dive in to the big middle of their comfortable little schools and shake things up a little.



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Stiefel, K. (2013). Southern Yellowtail Scad [Photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/pacificklaus/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)