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Lyon, J. (2018). It’s all about keeping learners engaged…

Hey, y’all… I am Julie… hard working employee at one of the best Community Colleges in the nation (really!)… part-time computer science instructor… single mom of an amazing engineering student… student of ceramic arts… and foster mom to a bunch of orphaned kittens.

Part of the reason that I’m so passionate about digital learning is that I went to 26 different schools before completing high school; many of those schools were in Europe. Also, as a single working mom, having access to online educational opportunities was critical for me. I know that thousands of other students find pursuing higher education prohibitive because of time and distance. By providing more digital learning opportunities, we are expanding access to higher education… reaching more learners.

I spend my days working with the faculty of this amazing College… and some students too.

Not a bad life!



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Lyon, J. (2018) It’s All About Keeping Learners Engaged. [Photograph]