Attitudes and Perceptions of Adjunct Faculty – a publication outline

My intention is to survey community colleges in Texas to determine an estimated average paid for a 3-hour credit class taught by adjunct faculty, and to survey adjunct faculty to determine levels of satisfaction with their roles as adjunct faculty, with the levels of support they receive, and with professional learning opportunities. The survey will also provide the adjunct faculty opportunities to identify professional learning experiences from which they feel they would benefit.

As survey data is received, a database will be used to store the information, so that it can be analysed. Trends and anomalies will be identified, and will be developed into a report that can be shared with other colleges and submitted for publication to benefit other higher education professionals.

As the data is gathered and synthesized, and as an article is developed, I will be looking to the Online Learning Consortium, and will submit for publication in their Online Learning Journal. I would also like to be considered as a presenter at one of their upcoming conferences. Currently, I do not have a collaborator identified, however, if collaboration is required, I would like to consider collaborating Dr Becky Musil, our Dean of Teaching and Learning. Her background in professional learning will be very complementary to my background with instructional design and developing digital learning experiences for students and for faculty,

The target audience will be for Instructional Leadership at the Community College level, for full- and part-time faculty at that level, and for instructional designers and educational technologists.

Online Learning Consortium requests that submissions for their Online Learning journal are submitted single-spaced, containing 6,000 to 8,000 words, and using APA Style 6th Edition.


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