Why Blog About It?

Through this learning process, and as part of the DLL program, we are encouraged to blog. But why is blogging important for educators? Clearly we blog to share our knowledge and experiences. We blog to contribute to a network of resources from which other educators may benefit. But additionally, according to a blog post by Shelly Blake-Plock (2009), blogging, like the ePortfolio, helps the learner reflect on their growth and their situation. As educators, we reflect on our situations, we are able to see how we think. According to Blake-Plock, “to blog is to teach yourself what you think.” Continue reading


Engaging Learners in the Digital Age

Bleimling, Cédric. (2017). FabLab, SXSW 2017

Bleimling, Cédric. (2017). FabLab, SXSW 2017.

Today’s learners are different than learners of the past. Many have grown up with computers at their fingertips; Internet access in their homes and schools. Smart phones and other connected hand-held devices are readily available to very young children. They become a tool for play, for work, for research. And they provide immediate access to the virtual world. Today’s learners crave educational opportunities that move at the pace their minds move. Continue reading