Resources for Faculty

Caucasian supervisor helping new Asian employee

Katemangostar/Freepik. (n.d.) Faculty mentor assisting a new faculty member [Photograph].

Faculty need to feel supported, whether they are full- or part-time. We often provide professional development activities to support our faculty, but those opportunities tend to be short-term “one shot” experiences, that don’t allow the faculty to apply what they learn in the experience. And they rarely have the opportunity to reflect on that experience.

According to Stanford University’s PERTS, educators need time to apply what they are learning. According to PERTS, time and support are key for helping these educators develop the skills they need to really support their learners. In an informal study conducted by our own Institutional Research division (at Odessa College), we have observed that we see improvement in the success and retention rates of faculty who are participating in sustained learning activities. For those faculty who participate in sustained learning experiences, those activities that last an entire term for example, we consistently saw increases in student success rates, and in the rates of students who persisted in the course throughout the term. However realistically, we know that not all faculty have time to participate regularly in long-term training and professional development activities.

With this section, the Resources for Faculty section, we will be providing on-demand access to resources for faculty, to support their immediate needs, and to help them support the needs of their learners.

Here’s what we’re working on for our faculty!



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