Using COVA+CSLE to Empower Learners to Make Connections

Rhondda. (2013). Learning [Photograph]. Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 2.0).

As we move through the DLL program, we have been introduced to concepts such as COVA (Choice, Ownership, and Voice through Authentic learning), and CSLE (Creating Significant Learning Environments). (Harapnuik, Thibodeaux, & Cummings, 2018). These concepts build on the research and work of constructivist theorists, and focus on the importance of learners taking responsibility for their own learning (ownership). When learners are given opportunity to choose how they are going to learn, they have a greater tendency to feel a sense of ownership for their own learning, and make the needed connection. Learning becomes relevant and meaningful. Continue reading


The Revised Plan for Part-Time Instructors…

Plan for a Network of Development and Support of Part-Time Instructors

Download the PDF! (proposed-plan-for-pt-instructor-support)

A Call to Action

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Overview of Existing Faculty Supports

Training and Professional Development

At Odessa College, professional development and training activities for faculty are scheduled annually before each full semester starts (Fall and Spring). During this time (Welcome Week), faculty are apprised of any legislative updates and policy changes with regard to higher education and processes that will affect instruction at Odessa College. Professional Development Week is offered midway through each regular semester, and provides opportunities for technology and instructional training workshops. Training activities include new technologies to facilitate and enhance instruction, professional development to provide pedagogical and andragogical strategies for all teaching modalities. Continue reading