Checking Out the ePortfolios of Others…

I really enjoyed seeing the ePortfolios of other students. I have been struggling with organising my web presence, both for this class, and the site that I am building as a training repository for our faculty at the college where I work. Seeing how others have organised their work has helped a lot. I have a lot of ideas. It’s interesting to see how differently everyone’s eP looks, even though we all have a similar goal. Continue reading


Why Do Learners Need ePortfolios?

ePortfolio workflow

Forsythe, G. (2011). e-Portfolio. Licensed under Creative Commons (CC 1.0, Public Domain).

What  Is an ePortfolio, And Why Does It Matter?

ePortfolios are, at the most basic level, an electronic repository… a collection of evidence of student learning (Harapnuik, 2015). They are a place where learners can store their work. But they can be so much more than just a longitudinal repository of learner work. According to her article, “The ePortfolio as an educational resource and its impact on job search,” (Ciesielkiewicz, 2015), Monika Ciesielkiewicz identifies the following purposes for developing and maintaining ePortfolios: Continue reading